Team members
Dr. Nicolas Donzel - Dr. Marc Dupont
  • Nicolas DONZEL
  • Research topics
  • Low and high temperature polymer electrolyte membranes fuel cells
  • Education & Career
  • Since 2006: CNRS engineer
  • 2002-2006: PhD "New mesoporous catalyst materials for the improvement of the gazole quality"
  • Scientific production
  • Catalyst coated PBI membrane high temperature assemblies N. Donzel, N. Sephane, A. Kreisz, J. Bernard d'Arbigny, D.J. Jones, J. RozièreECS transaction, 30 (2013) 1263-1267
  • Innovative membranes for PEMFC with mixed sulfonic and phosphonic acid functionality N. Donzel, D. J. Jones, J. Rozière, ECS transaction, 25 (2009) 1677-1681
  • Influence of sulfonating agent on degree of functionalisation and properties of sulfonated ether-linked polybenzimidazole, F. Ng, N. Donzel, D. J. Jones, J. Bauer, M. Schuster, M. JeskeECS transaction, 25 (2009) 929-934
  • Study of diffusion of the liquids and their binary mixtures in mesoporous aluminosilicates under freezing conditions, M. Krutyeva, F. Grinberg, J. Karger, C. Chorro, N. Donzel, D. J. Jones, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 120 (2009), 104-108
  • Direct synthesis of large mesoporous aluminosilicates templated by lyotropic liquid crystals. Microporous and Mesoporous H Zhu, D.J. Jones, N. Donzel, J. Zajac, Materials, 99 (2007) 47-55
  • Role of the organic feed and the support acidity in hydrotreating reactions on Pd-Pt on MCM-41 catalysts, S. Albertazzi, N. Donzel, M. Jacquin, D. J. Jones, M. Morisi, J. Rozière et A. Vaccari, Catalysis Letter 96 (2004) 3-4
  • Study of gel development during SON68 glass alteration using atomic force microscopy. Comparison with two simplified glasses, N.Donzel, S. Gin, F. Augereau, M. Ramonda, Journal of Nuclear Materials 317 (2003) 83-92